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Jack, Please Give Me Back The Jacket That You Stole!
Red Bull Vending Machines, Wal-Mart & Heroin


red bull vending business opportunities faq contact us Red Bull vendors at Wal-MartHello, welcome to a website that Jack Baumann used for a two weeks to cause American Red Bull vending machine owners to wire money to his Israeli bank account. I am real pissed off that Jack stole my nice jacket and offered to sell it back to me for $180. This $180 was the proceeds from a heroin deal that supposedly was made with my worker. Currently, I am being threatened by Jack Baumann. Jack has promised to "break my legs" and "rip my head off."

Jack Baumann came into my house, slept on my couch without paying, used my phone, computer and my labor, and in the end stole my jacket. Jack claimed to be former associate of Creative Concepts (which defrauded millions) and has a partial list of Red Bull vending machine owners and is working at causing those people into wiring him money into his Israeli bank account. Jack Baumann is currently in Israel and scamming people like me. As well, Mr. Baumann tried to get one of my workers involved in heroin deal. To my sorrow, Jack Baumann borrowed large amounts of money from me. Jack seems to be a pathological liar.

I am just the guy who built a web site for a Walmart and Red Bull vending machine gig and now I am involved in heroin trafficing.

Jack Baumann claims to have has worked as a private locating agent for over twenty years, having secured locations for payphones, prepaid calling cards, internet kiosks and vending equipment. Currently, Jack claims to be locating sites for Red Bull vending machines and has the suckers wire money to his Israeli bank account. Of course, this site is not associated with Red Bull but I do blame this Red Bull/Walmart/Baumann gig for getting me involved in heroin.

In strictly corporate locations like Wal-Mart and Home Depot — Jack claims 100 Wal-Mart stores in the last year alone! When dealing with high volume products like Red Bull there is no substitute to a Wal-Mart store. After having placed Red Bull vending machines in so many stores, Jack claims that due to their extremely high volume of sales, vendors have had to add vending machines in order to keep up with the high demand! Of course, a vendor has never had to replace a location.

Become a Red Bull vending machine ownerJust under two years ago, Jack claims to have worked in association with Creative Concepts to help place machines for their vending machine investors. Jack claims to have skipped the country when the Sh-t the fan and he was asked to testify in court. After hearing the business opportunity sales pitch being made to their potential vendors, as he could see the writing on the wall.

Now that the truth has come out, Jack is happy to say that he made the correct decision! He is actually convincing Americans to wire money to his Israeli bank account. Over the past ten months, Jack Baumann claims to have been contacted on numerous occasions to help vending machine businesses that accepted locations that should never have been recommended, as Jack Baumann works exclusively with corporate business locations.

Low and behold Jack got fired from working in the kitchen at "Mike's Place" a restaurant in Jerusalem where he was working for five weeks at a meager salary. "Mike's Place" fired for incompetence and other workers demanding his removal. Jack got the kitchen job by claiming to have 33 years of kitchen experience, including being executive chef at TGI Fridays and Planet Hollywood.

As Jack's client, there is credit cards are not accepted. Personal checks are not accepted as well. There is a one time fee per store, and that is only paid after the Wal-Mart (who knows what is going on) store is secured, you have met with the manager and chosen your site to place the vending machine. The delivery date is agreed upon and approved by the Wal-Mart (good luck on this) on site store manager. Jack claims to secure the approval even before you meet the store manager.

We at www.ExclusiveVending.com realize that there could be a sour note with the whole Red Bull(it is a tasty drink) vending business opportunity. That is why Jack turned down working with Creative Concepts business in the first place. But now it is time for you to see the true business potential of Red Bull(good taste) in the marketplace. Let's not forget what prompted business people like yourself to purchase Red Bull machines in the first place: the Red Bull product and Red Bull's huge expected sales. Locate a Red Bull vending machine at Wal-Mart and the end result can be what you were hoping for — earning easy income from Red Bull vending machines(it may work, again good luck)!

Red Bull vendors at Home DepotJack Baumann, an expat who would not testify against his associates, will walk you through the entire process. Jack Baumann will approach each store manager and secure these stores for your Red Bull machine, even though you can do it yourself. It is the store manager's decision whether you are suitable to be a vendor at Wal-Mart and Jack Baumann will explain to you how to make this happen. Vending machines owners from Gainesville, Florida to San Diego, California in over one hundred twenty five Wal-Mart stores have been helped by our service.

Jack's custom service does not stop there: Jack Baumann will also guide you through the process of becoming a full fledged vending business for Wal-Mart (but of course we have no connection with any well known corporation) - which has endless potential. As well, other corporate locations are on the table, as Jack claims to have contacts with K-Mart (good luck on that) and several other large corporate entities. Please inform us about any other vending equipment that you possess!

Do your due diligence, investigate, and start your own lucrative vending machine business today!

Call Jack Baumann today at 561-210-5033 for a no-obligation consultation. Agreement.

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